Exploring the Different Types of Online Writing Accounts

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As an online freelance academic writer in Kenya, it is important to have a reliable source of work to build a successful career. One option for finding work is through online writing accounts, which can provide consistent and reliable opportunities. However, it can be challenging to find the right account.

In order to assist with this process, it is helpful to understand the two main types of accounts available: take and bid. By understanding the differences between these systems and seeing examples of each, you can make an informed decision about which type of account is the best fit for you.

Take Online Writing Accounts

Under the take system, orders are made available for writers to claim immediately by clicking the “take” button. The order is assigned to the writer who is the quickest to “take” it. This system typically values speed over other factors.

In order to manage or limit how much work a writer can have, most take accounts tend to have levels, that define such parameters. The higher the level, the more work an account can have at a time.
Examples of take online writing accounts include:

• Academia Research

• Essay Writers

• Livingston Research

• Uvocorp

• Quality Writers

• Writershub

Please note that some accounts may have both take and bid properties. This is often the case when there is poor workflow, or an order is complex or requires special attention. In these cases, support may make the order unavailable for take and choose the right writer to assign it.

Bid Online Writing Accounts

Under the bid system, writers place bids on available orders and wait to be assigned. Factors such as the writer’s statistics and history are more important in determining who gets the assignment. Older, more established accounts with good statistics often have an advantage.

Unlike take accounts, MOST bid accounts have no limits on the number of orders one can have. There are however some exceptions to the rule.

There are two ways writers can be assigned orders under the bid system:

A. Support or System can Assign Work

After writers place their bids, support or the system automatically assigns orders based on the writers’ bid price (if allowed to choose), disciplines, statistics, etc.

Examples of bid accounts that work this way include:

• TSM-Group

• Writerbay

• Writerslabs

• Proficient Writers

• Writedom

• Paper4me

• Writezillas

B. Clients can Assign Work

After writers place their bids, clients review them and choose the best-qualified writer. The clients can chat with the writers to negotiate terms and assess their competence before hiring. These systems generally encourage interactions between clients and writers. In most instances clients will choose the best rated writers, making statistics the most important factor for these types of accounts.

Examples of bid accounts that use this method include:

• Essaypro

• Edusson

• Essayshark

• Studypool

• Studybay

• Unemployed Professors

OWC Recommendation

Both take and bid online writing accounts have distinct ways in which they work, and the best choice will depend on the individual writer’s preferences and work ethic. Ultimately, the success or failure of a freelance writing career often comes down to the user, so it’s important to choose an account that aligns with your personal strengths and goals.

Simply put, know thyself!

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